Advisory & Consulting Services

Advisory & consulting services for setting up of company or LLP in India.

Professional services for corporate restructuring like Merger & Amalgamation (M&A), Listings, Company acquisition/ takeover including FDI, Joint Venture with or without RBI approvals.

Analysis and interpretation of holding, subsidiary, and associate companies.

Applicability and computation of payment of remuneration to directors and managerial personnel.

Applicability of insider trading provisions to acquirers and private companies.

Compounding of offences – process, implications and documentation; applicability of prohibition on forward dealings.

Board procedures (notice, explanatory statement, shorter notice, minutes, video conference, circular resolutions).

Conduct of meetings (including through e-voting and postal ballot) – procedure and documentation.

Appointment of cost auditors.

Computation of depreciation and net profits.

Computation of thresholds of net worth and turnover.

Consolidation of accounts.

Corporate social responsibility.

Directors – formation of various committees, requirement of independent director, directors retiring by rotation and exclusion of certain directors, DIN, DSC and other requirements.

Directors, key managerial personnel, promoters – duties, liabilities and penalties.

Independent directors – appointment, requirements, presence on committees, test of independence, duties, liabilities, responsibilities.

Distinction between private and public companies.

Fast track exit (FTE) scheme.

Foreign companies and issuance of prospectus.

Interpretation of definition of ‘free reserves’.

Interpretation of definitions of ‘promoter’ and ‘control’

Investments, guarantee and security – procedure, requirements, prohibitions and documentation

Items to be passed only at board meetings.

Lending, borrowings and fund raising.

Loans to directors and persons in whom directors are interested.

Loans to senior management and employees.

Maintenance of registers, books of accounts and records under the new law – and procedure, documentation and filings for their shift.

Nominee directors – determination and appointment.

Office and place or profit – and its implications.

Payment of dividend (including interim) – applicability, criteria, and method of payment.

Process of winding-up.

Provisions relating to audit and auditors.

Provisions relating to deposits.

Provisions relating to merger and arrangements.

Rights and duties of directors.

Rights and duties of auditors.

Rights of minority shareholders (including class action suits).

Rights of stakeholders, other than shareholders.

Sale of ‘undertaking’.

Status of Indian subsidiary of foreign bodies corporate.

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